New Crowns Regulations



  • Fresh or artificial decorations may be used in vases that are constructed as an intergral part of an above ground memorial
  • All flowers, whether live or artificial, will be removed and discarded as they become unsightly as deemed by the Management
  • New Crown cannot assume responsibility for vases and placement of flowers. Vases may be purchased through the cemetery office.
  • All permanent planting must be purchased and installed by the cemetery.
  • No decorative stone, mulch shepherd hooks,stakes, wire or fencing of any kind may be used to anchor, brace, or hang any decorations. Statuary, gazing balls, concrete, plaster or glazed ornaments may not be placed. Statuary that is included as part of a permanent above ground monument is not prohibited by this rule. Decorative or holiday lighting of any nature, including solar lights are not allowed.


Memorial Information

  • The width of the memorial base shall be no larger than 80% of the lot(s) width. Gardens that allow an upright monument may have in addition to the upright monument may have in addition to the upright monument, one flush foot marker per grave. A flush foot marker may be a Maxium of 80% width of the individual space.


Memorial Day Holiday Period

Decorations which do not conform to the regulations will be removed and discarded 7 days following memorial day.


November 15 through March 1

Fall and Winter Holiday Decorations
  • Holiday decorations will be removed from graves beginning January 15, and will be disposed of immediately if not picked up prior to this date.