Top 5 Reasons for Cremation Final Placement

Cemeteries are a place of remembrance and of heritage.  When cremation is selected the number of options and choices expands.  Selecting a final resting place for your loved one is one of those personal decisions to be made.  Memories and feelings remain leading to the need for cremation final placement.

  1. Reflection: Many express the need of a place where they can visit and reflect.  Sometimes to share new events, to express struggles, or to reflect on memories with their loved one.  You can find peace when you remember your loved ones.
  2. Permanence: Each of us has a desire to know we have touched others and will be remembered.  A permanent place provides comfort knowing we will have a place to be remembered today and for generations to come.
  3. Closeness: Most families express that they feel close to their loved one when visiting a burial place.  With a dedicated space, it is like you can be with your loved one and can talk about things.  This closeness allows the loved one to remain in your heart.  You can take comfort knowing they are there and at peace.
  4. Tranquility: A cemetery can serve as a place of tranquility where you can think, sometimes pray, and often reflect.
  5. Options: Today, families are often trying to make decisions based on their loved one’s wishes and their own needs.  Cremation offers you options.  Ashes can be placed in small keepsake urns for family members or even placed in jewelry to keep your loved one close.  Urns can also be selected to reflect the personality of your loved one.  Their final resting place, especially when selecting cremation, can be customized to share the special character of your loved one.

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